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Midys | Join the Journey

Our products, visuals and writings are designed to put you in a stoked headspace. Join our tribe of purpose driven individuals on our journey to be the best version of ourselves.


Wild Lux
Yacht T
Vibe T

Use your past as the prologue and live out your best life.

Follow us to see the dream unfold!


We have been training for a jump like this for the past month. We scoped the bridge on maps during brunch and then drove to it. We checked the landing area for debris and depth. We certified it sendable. Jerry was on the shore with our long lens camera. Drake and Andrew were climbing up onto the bridge. Our focus was at 💯 just like the moments before a sky dive. Drake was gettin the stoke going on the bridge before Andrew sent it LIVE🌴


Homo sapiens all share a fundamental experience; the voice inside of us. Midys is the symbolic manifestation of the inner voice that has been guiding our lives. We want to share our experiences and philosophy in hopes to help guide you to the best version of yourself. Midys is created around positivity, building healthy habits and living a wholesome life. We hope to unchain the spirit animal that resides within you. 

Let The Awakening Begin

Spreading an aura of positivity to the earth and changing the way business is done. This is our cause.