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The Midys journey started on a sun struck day while cruising to the Bahamas. It was Spring Break in the year 2015. We were battling the whipping winds to keep our burgers from turning into food for the seagulls and in the chaos, we started to collaborate. This is when the wildest dream came to fruition. One of us wanted to start a jersey company and the other wanted to start a shorts company. We decided it would be best to come together and make our dreams a reality: Midys.

Run it back to the college days and we were attending Texas State University. We met through our fraternity and as our friendship flourished, we started to realize we had similar asperations for our lives. Our first project was and still is creating a clothing brand that young adults can wear to class, to the clubs, music festivals and camping trips. So, in the fall of 2016 we saved up our cash, put a design together and started selling t-shirts out of our garage to friends, family and classmates. We sold out of our first design and hit the drawing board again.

Since then, we have focused our efforts to create next-level style paired with rugged functionality for an active existence. After an obsessive work flow and many sleepless nights we now find ourselves in Gruene Outfitters, BoardCo and looking for more.

Now that you know a little about us and the brand, we would like to leave you with something...

Most importantly, we are striving to create an experience through our content, clothing and motivationals to push you to find your greatest self.

Take care,

Drake Elden Scallon 🐻 

Andrew William Clemons 🐯